Mobile solution for construction branch

Office trailerPrepare for the next building season and offer your emplyees a modern base directly on the building site. We devote to a complex solutions for building companies in our business. We produce practical and customised trailers of high quality. You won't have to arrange any expensive machinery for moving containers. You'll simply attach our trailer to your vehicle and transport it anywhere you want.




Sanitary trailers

Sanitary trailerSanitary trailers should be inseparable part of any outdoor events – open-air festivals, gigs, wedding feasts, golf tournaments and any other sport/cultural events. However construction companies appreciate the hygienic high standard welfare solutions for their employees during their outdoor work.



Project „PolarX“

JR5D2130We are able to design almost any tailor made/customized trailer or container. The set of containers produced for film-makers shooting in extreme conditions beyond the Arctic circle on the norwegian Svalbard is an obvious example.

Five different container solutions was designed and produced for thes project: 3 accommodation solutions, a catering/lounge solution and a workshop unit. All designed with high level of comfort and hygiene standards and constructed to resist temperatures down to -45°C and other harsh weather conditions typical for these islands.