Sanitary trailers

Sanitary trailerSanitary trailers should be inseparable part of any outdoor events – open-air festivals, gigs, wedding feasts, golf tournaments and any other sport/cultural events. However construction companies appreciate the hygienic high standard welfare solutions for their employees during their outdoor work.


 Maximum Hygiene and Comfort Solutions

The hygiene and comfort high standard plays the crutial role during manufacturing of EUROWAGON trailers All our toilets, showers and bathrooms are equipped with electric points including power points, water conections, outlets of waste water lines, electric heaters and other technologies. Sink in the kitchen; mirror, towel rails, benches in the bathroom or lockers for clothes in the changing room are basic parts of these trailers

Customized Trailers

Sanitary trailers as well as all the other types of our units are produced in wide-choice varieties. We offer not only the trailers from our series but also the customized ones altered in size, number of toilets, showers, bathrooms and equippment.
We are able both to adjust our trailer to needs of the disabled and to furnish it with a unique vacuum system of flushing. There is a wide variety of solutions we can adapt to your wishes. Please, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.